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We provide made-to-measure traditional box or 135mm slimline sash windows, with a choice of either slim or elegant bars and traditional sash horns as standard.

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With their reduced depth, slimline sash windows tend to be more appropriate for modern houses with narrower window cavities and can present a more elegant solution to the traditional box sash.


Choose from single, double or triple glazing with argon gas filling and low-conductivity spacer bars, internally beaded for better security. Box insulation is also available for increased heat conservation.


Traditional sash windows counter-balance the weight of the window using a set of pulleys and lead weights. The use of weights is rather appealing to the window purist as the craftmanship of the mechanism is on show and can be admired. Moreover, for some housing regulations the use of a weighted mechanism is mandatory.

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However there are some downsides to the use of weights and pulleys and the use of springs is becoming much more prevalent with modern timber sash windows. The use of weights necessitates a larger frame meaning that for smaller window openings or for bay windows, the reduction in glass area and the consequeny reduction in transmitted light becomes noticeable.

You can choose the mechanism according to what you prefer and we'll fit state-of-the-art no rattle weatherstrips as standard.



While the most common colour for sash windows is Pure White, you have the option to break away from the norm and choose any RAL colour for the top coat finish.

You can view the vast range of RAL colours here or contact us to request a colour catalogue.

Other colour schemes such as Farrow and Ball and Bi colour are also available.


Modern engineered scandinavian redwood, layered with grains in opposite directions to reduce warping. Hardwood sills as standard - fully hardwood windows also available.

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Timber sections can be layered in such a way as to alternate the direction of the grain from layer to layer. Engineering the timber in this way has several benefits over the use of a solid timber section; the opposing grains in the different layers stabilise each other and make the composite as a whole much more resistant to warping, twisting and the natural expansion due to humidity variations.

All our windows use these engineered timber sections as standard so you can be assured that you are getting the highest quality timber in the industry.


Choose brass or chrome fittings, including catches, sash lifts, locking sash fasteners and sash locks.